Many Faces 1 Voice

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the film be available in my community?

A: The film is available now for theatrical, educational, and community screenings in the U.S. & Canada – please see our Host A Screening Page.

Q: When will the film be available for download or DVD?

A: We are still building and expanding our distribution plan. In 2014 we plan to make the film available for personal ownership. We’ll let you know more specifics if you sign-up for our e-mail newsletter and follow our Facebook / Twitter. Stay tuned!

Q: Will you be showing the film internationally?

A: Yes! We’ve just launched a community screening process for hosting international screening events. Please fill out our international request form here:

Q: Does this film break the anonymity of people who may be involved in anonymous recovery support programs?

A: No. None of the footage in this film was taken inside 12-step fellowship meetings In addition, no living person in the film is identified or identifies himself or herself as a member of a particular 12-step program. The Anonymous People team has deep respect and admiration for the long-standing, beautiful tradition of anonymity at the level of film. We intend to use the lessons learned from The New Recovery Advocacy Movement to uphold this sacred trust, while presenting different perspectives of what this tradition means for people in recovery. It is an undeniable fact that recovery is bigger than any one particular pathway, and the issues we must overcome together are bigger than any single component of recovery.

Q: Does this film support many pathways to recovery?

A: Yes. Today we know that people can get well or enter recovery in many different ways. While The Anonymous People intently focuses on the fact that over 23 million Americans are living in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, it doesn’t focus on how specific people have found recovery. Instead, the documentary centers on The New Recovery Advocacy Movement’s call for people in recovery, their families, and their friends to advocate on behalf of those in or seeking recovery. For more information about some of the many pathways to long-term recovery please visit Faces & Voices of Recovery Mutual Aid Resource Site.

Q: Where can I find tools on the language and messaging of recovery found in the film?

A: Faces & Voices of Recovery has designed and developed a recovery message training called Our Stories Have Power. For more information about this training please visit: