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We are moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters - all bringing the power and proof of recovery to our communities. Together we will change public perception, and ultimately the public response to the addiction crisis...FOREVER. Will you join us?

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The Anonymous People is a great way to catalyze a dialogue on addiction awareness, and recovery advocacy in your community. The film has teamed up with independent film distributor Kino Lorber to make bringing The Anonymous People to your local area easier than ever. You can now acquire institutional rights to permanently use this educational and inspirational film in your prevention, treatment, or recovery program, high school, hospital, university, jail, faith-based group, and other training programs!

The Book

Book Cover

Greg Williams, director of The Anonymous People, is proud to announce the publication of Many Faces, One Voice, a companion book to Williams' award-winning film.

Written by Bud Mikhitarian, one of the key members of Williams’ documentary team, Many Faces, One Voice is a behind-the-scenes account of the 10,000-mile, nearly two-year journey across America the film crew took to find the faces and voices of the New Recovery Advocacy Movement.

Bud Mikhitarian

Bud Mikhitarian


"The redemption, the values and accomplishments of these once-suffering people are to be admired...but, beyond that, their recovery can inspire and teach all of us life-changing perspectives that have profound implications for broad social good."

- Bud Mikhitarian

Williams, Mikhitarian, and Director of Photography, Craig Mikhitarian, captured over 110 hours of video, including exclusive interviews with more than 60 celebrities, politicians, recovery leaders, and many other extraordinary individuals. The book gathers up the outtakes of the edited film – gems from the dark of the cutting room floor – and brings them to light, creating a compendium of stories and experiences that give added context and meaning to The Anonymous People.

Many Faces, One Voice is a vital record of the lives and testimony of brave people who have come out of the shadows of secrecy and anonymity to fight stigma and discrimination – people who now publicly advocate for the millions of Americans suffering with addiction. Their inspiring stories, told in intimate detail, are brutally honest, often breathtaking, and essential to understanding the success, the hope and the power of recovery.

But even more than that, the book reveals some surprising discoveries the filmmakers made about addiction, recovery, and themselves. Mikhitarian writes about what everyone, including so-called “normal” people, can learn from those who have achieved successful long-term recovery.

Many Faces, One Voice is a collection of insights, illuminated by vibrant faces and voices of recovery, which take us along a journey of individual growth and, potentially, to world change. That’s what makes Many Faces, One Voice a must-read companion book to the must-see film, The Anonymous People.

Available now in paperback on the Faces & Voices of Recovery webstore.

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